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Check a contractors license with the state of California.

The Contractors State License Board protects consumers by regulating the construction industry through policies that promote the health, safety and general welfare of the public in matters relating to construction.




The Contractors State License Board will accomplish this by:

  • Ensuring that construction is performed in a safe, competent and professional manner;
  • Licensing contractors and enforcing licensing laws;
  • Requiring that any person practicing or offering to practice construction contracting be licensed;
  • Enforcing the laws, regulations and standards governing construction contracting in a fair and uniform manner;
  • Providing resolution to disputes that arise from construction activities; and
  • Educating consumers so that they make informed choices.

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This office receives and processes applications for new contractors licenses, additional classifications and certifications, renewals and changes to existing licenses, home improvement salesperson applications, and maintains the license and historical records of disciplinary actions taken against licenses.

Headquarters directs the activities of the field offices, and initiates all disciplinary actions resulting from their investigations. The staff of the field offices investigate complaints against licensed and unlicensed contractors.

Headquarters Office Contact Information


Location: Contractors State License Board
9821 Business Park Drive
Sacramento, CA 95827


Mailing Address: Post Office Box 26000
Sacramento, CA 95826


24 Hour Licensing & Consumer Information:
1-800-321-CSLB (2752)

Outside California:
(916) 255-3900

Licensing Information Fax:
(916) 255-4535

Bond Unit Fax:
(916) 255-4023



Our Contractor's License is: 642264



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